Checking TempDB

29 Oktober 2014 | finn | | Standaard

On forums you will often find advice on how to configure Tempdb. How many files should you add, what should be the sizes, and also what Traceflags should be enabled to correctly enhance the performance of your TempDB?

Paul Randal wrote this:

I created a script to check the TempDB files and the startup parameters on one or more SQL Server instances in one go.


ManagedComputer error on SQL Server 2012

28 Oktober 2014 | finn | | Standaard

Here's a short discovery on managing  Services with . There are multiple ways for almost all tasks, but some are more suited than others. If we explore the use of , SMO, the PS Provider and especially SQL WMI Provider, not every combination is successfull. Is there something wrong on my configuration? Or did I find a bug?